Academy of the Disaster Research Unit

Research Project


Real Time Evaluation of Global Actions in Response to the SARS CoV 2 Pandemic & Identification of Best Practices to Strengthen Health Systems in Iran and Germany

Duration: 04/2020 – 05/2021

This research project is affiliated to Academy of the Disaster Research Unit (ADRU) headed by Prof. Dr. Martin Voss. Please also have a look at our ADRU partner project CoronaSys regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in Armenia.

The SARS CoV 2 pandemic is affecting the world to an extend unknown to our generations and with very limited precedence (SARS Cov 2002/2003) in recent history. The pandemic poses multi-dimensional, highly dynamic and nonlinear consequences to common/public health, global economy, national and international security and social cohesion. The 1 year project Increase Health Corona Project aims at conducting a real time analysis of the events surrounding the global pandemic with specific scrutiny on actions taken in Germany and Iran.

The project intends to promote an inter- and transdisciplinary platform for knowledge exchange and innovation between partners in Iran and Germany in the field of public health, integrated disaster risk management research and the sociology of disasters in light of the ongoing SARS CoV 2 pandemic. The ADRU research team functions as stimulator, moderator and secretary of regular bilateral dialogue, including technical exchanges through video conferences. Network partners are strongly encouraged to shape these dialogs based on current need and interest in specific matters of relevance to the pandemic response (e.g. preparations for a likely second wave).