Increase-Health-Corona Workshop Series

Real Time Evaluation of Global Actions in Response to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic & Identification of Best Practices to Strengthen Health Systems in Iran and Germany


Centerpoint of the real time evaluation is the establishment of an interdisciplinary network of experts in public health and disaster management in Iran and Germany. To facilitate dialogue and generate learning between the two nations a series of web based discussions are going to take place over the course of the project. Experts with specific knowledge and experience will be brought together for an online workshop, facilitated, documented and subsequently analysed and distributed by ADRU.

Discussions, held with varying numbers of technical experts from Iran and Germany, will be based on the four (4) closely inter-related research foci of the Project (below) and aim to address pertinent questions of network partners at the time.


The workshops will be held frequently throughout the length of the project at the end of March 2021. We would set the time to approx. 2 hours/workshop to keep it on subject and managable for everyone with a busy schedule.

Workshop Topics

Following an initial workshop, in which the Increase-Health-Corona project objectives are being shared and discussed, the workshop themes will then build on specific subjects of interests, raised among Increase-Health-Corona network partners, and based on up to date subject matters of pertinence in the evolving pandemic situation. Workshop topics will primarily focus on matters relevant to the German and Iranian contexts with consideration of global developments and concerns when relevant. 

Further workshop topics will be planned for in collaboration with network partners to ensure up to date discussions are held.

Expected Outputs

  • Workshop documentation in form of meeting minutes
  • Interviews of experts on particularly pertinent subjects in Iran and Germany will complement the findings derived from the video conferences

Expected Outcomes

  • Establishment of a network of interdisciplinary partners between Iran and Germany with knowledge exchange, learning and potential future reseach collaboration at its core.
  • Exhillerated, mutual learning between network partners including identification of best practices and lessons learned


  • Solely virtual in nature the workshops will be held via webex. Details will be provided ahead of each call
  • Network partners will be able to influence the subject matters of the workshop by raising topics of “up to date relevance” a week prior to the workshop.
  • Simultanous translation between Farsi and English, can be arranged for through  the AKFS and is to be determined based on need ahead of each workshop. Official language of the conversations  is English
  • Chatham House Rules apply

Research Foci of Increase Health Corona

  • Epidemiological trends, national and international capacity within the health sector and beyond including pre-existing and ad hoc preparedness and response strategies and their appropriateness as the pandemic evolves.
  • Monitoring the economic, political, societal and cultural effects, escalating risks and downstream effects against the backdrop of the complexity of the challenges provided by the pandemic and in lieu of future escalating risks.
  • An international comparison and juxtaposition of risk communication.

Identification of specific vulnerabilities in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and monitoring and discussion of global and national measures taken to mitigate/reduce vulnerabilities.

For general project inquiries, you may contact Parisa Jafari Berenji (jafari [@] or the project lead Prof. Dr Martin Voss (

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